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System Economics

Gaming process Bets/Prize/RNG/Results
Personal account
Casino profits

1000 KLWU at register

A unique opportunity to get registration 1000 KLWU, which can be used to play on the platform and make a profit.



Two Tokens are Two Financial Instruments


Digital stock of KloowayBet
All holders get dividends
from a share of casino profits.
Approved by SEC

Full name
Klooway Security Token
Short name
Digital Standart
Maximum Number of Tokens
1 000 000 000
Soft Cap
$2 000 000

After the final stages of Token Sale all unsold tokens are burned.
The token of KLWS can be purchased for: BTC, ETH, USDC, USD, EUR on the website of our partner Klooway Technologies:


Used as a casino chip inside the system

Full name
Klooway Utility Token
Short name
Hyperledger Fabric
Digital Standart
Not provided
Fixed price
Soft Cap
Not limited

Does not depend on volatility of the market


Token sale envisages four stages.
Each stage is tied to one of the platform module development stages.

1 round

February - April 2019
Pre Match Betting module development

100,000,000 KLWS
2 round

May - July 2019
Live Betting module development

250,000,000 KLWS
3 round

August - October 2019
Poker and Slots module development

350,000,000 KLWS
Final round

September - November 2019
Skill Games & Fantasy Sport module development

300,000,000 KLWS

Additional conditions of a tokensale

February 20 - Start of Sales. Regular Klooway Tech customers get a unique chance to buy KLWS tokens as part of our closed presale event until February 20. KLWS token price at an early sale stage is 0.04 USDC. The discount rate will decline over time from 0.04 to 0.08 USDC depending on the date of sale. KLWS tokens will be deposited to wallets at the end of all token sale stages.
Bonus KLWU tokens are awarded to all who invested money in the project:
- till March 20th, 2019 bonus - 20%;
- till 20th of April bonus - 15%;
- till 20th of May bonus - 10%.
That is, when buying KLWS tokens for $100 by March 20, 2019, the client receives additional KLWU tokens for $20.
By registering on the STO website, you are automatically registered on the platform website which is being developed at the moment. This gives you the unique opportunity to participate in the creation of our product and help us make it better. Apply to participate in the working groups. Get a chance to be one of the first users. You will get a chance to test our platform and give your feedback on its improvement and development.


All news about the project in real time

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Внутренняя биржа, которая решает.
Долгожданная биржа наконец запущена.
Караван идет
Блокчейн, как будущее! Технологический прорыв в сфере онлайн-индустрий, и не только, уже не за горами?
Долгожданные новости от компании KloowayBet.
STO KloowayBet!
Долгожданные новости от компании KloowayBet.
Мы официально зарегистрированы в раю, на Мальте.
Деловая поездка Kloowaybet в Армению.
Что нового?
Отличные новости. Мы запускаем слоты!
KloowayBet снова на Мальте!
Вести с полей
Нас видно
Наш эдвайзер – Марио Галеа
Мальта наша!
Снова Мальта
Information on Whitepaper Project
Atlas Shrugged
KloowayBet & BetConstruct: the outcome of the meeting in Armenia
The information on KloowayBet partners is updated on the website
Sidechain development has begun
The team of developers is ready
The KloowayBet website is launched
KloowayBet is registered on Malta

Road Map

Blockchain platform
and selection
Investor dashboard development
Sports Betting
Landing page development
Investor dashboard development

Integration of SportsAPI Betconstruct
Platform Development
Kernel binding to blockchain
Game token creation
Test Poker Game module (Texas holdem)
Sports betting platform test version
Poker Game front-end
Poker Chaincode front-end development
Sports Betting front-end
Sports betting platform
Slot test version
Official release of the platform (card games, poker, Black-jack, baccarat)
Official release of the platform (card games, poker, Black-jack, baccarat)
Official release of the platform (pre-match and live-betting)
First payot of dividents
Listings and Raitings
Fantasy Sport

Project team

Nicholas Callus
Nicholas Callus
CEO & Co-Founder
Mario Galea
Mario Galea
Alex Vedek
Alex Vedek
Artyom Perepechko
Artyom Perepechko
Community Agent
Sergey Shkodin
Sergey Shkodin
Project Consultant
Aleksander Klevtsov
Aleksander Klevtsov
Lead Back-End Developer
Vsevolod Korol
Vsevolod Korol
Lead Blockchain Developer
Dmitriy Klyachkov
Dmitriy Klyachkov
Head of legal service
Алексей Тютимо
Алексей Тютимов
Александр Аверьянчев
Александр Аверьянчев
Начальник МТО


Register of Beneficial Owners

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Register of Members

Data 05.12.2018, 385kb

Share Certificate with seal #1

Data 05.12.2018, 150kb

Share Certificate with seal #2

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Register of Members

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